Body and Breath Yoga offers inspiring and nurturing yoga classes, massage, mentoring, workshops, community events and lifestyle coaching on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney.

We also lead meaningful travel adventures and retreats both within Australia and internationally.

We’re here to empower you to make your dreams a reality and live a life you love!

Heartfelt Yoga

Yoga Classes

Classes are suitable for one and all. We give plenty of variations and encourage you to work with your body and at your pace.


Yoga retreats in Bali


Join us for a Soulful Summer Retreat at the Central Coast


Workshops and therapies to give you tools for life


In these sessions I draw on my experience with yoga, breath-work, meditation and elemental therapies to share a wealth of knowledge with you focused on specific topics.



We blog about Yoga and living a healthy lifestyle. Our focus is to inspire you to live the life you love and love the life you live.


Winter Reflection Yoga & Meditation Retreat

A Weekend winter yoga and meditation retreat to slow down and foster a sense on inner peace and calm.

Yoga with Marie is my favourite time of the week! I love how I go into each and every session with a crowded mind and how I leave with an empty one.

Her classes are filled with compassion, humility, thoughtfulness and peace. There is always a giggle here and there to be shared amongst us all. After a session I feel totally relaxed and my body is impatient for the following week.

Marie is such an amazing woman with a kind, happy and mother-like personality that is contagious.

I love her and her yoga classes to bits and totally recommend them!!


I fell under Marie’s spell a couple of years ago and I am still enchanted by her love, compassion and total understanding of body and breath in yoga. Her restorative class is exactly what it says, I come away inspired to begin a new day.

Her retreats are amazing and not to be missed.