About the team

Marie McNamara is the founder of Body and Breath Yoga

Marie McNamara (Walsh)

Founder of Body and Breath Yoga

I teach from the heart combining Japanese yoga with traditional Hatha yoga to teach a style I called “Heartfelt Yoga”; emotionally connecting through yoga to help you be the best version of you.


Jenny Tuck teaches yoga and is a retreat facilitator

Jenny Tuck

Yoga Teacher & Retreat Facilitator

Travelling and studying yoga in India and other countries has been an unforgettable life changing experience on my yogic path. Sharing my passion for yoga through teaching is a joy to me.


Claire Lane

I knew that if I could do yoga, love yoga, live yoga – me, with my tight hamstrings and tendency to be ‘last picked girl’ – then anyone could. I wanted to tell all those people who felt too stiff, too tired, too old, too embarrassed or too injured to do yoga that “you can do it too!”


Liam Walsh is your massage therapist and retreat facilitator

Liam Walsh

Massage Therapist & Retreat Facilitator

I believe that the health of the body and mind are deeply connected. In 2010, I opened Manly Massage Therapy in the Northern Beaches of Sydney.


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