About the team

Marie McNamara is the founder of Body and Breath Yoga

Marie McNamara (Walsh)

Founder of Body and Breath Yoga

I teach from the heart combining Japanese yoga with traditional Hatha yoga to teach a style I called “Heartfelt Yoga”; emotionally connecting through yoga to help you be the best version of you.


Jenny Tuck teaches yoga and is a retreat facilitator

Jenny Tuck

Yoga Teacher & Retreat Facilitator

Travelling and studying yoga in India and other countries has been an unforgettable life changing experience on my yogic path. Sharing my passion for yoga through teaching is a joy to me.


Liam Walsh is your massage therapist and retreat facilitator

Liam Walsh

Massage Therapist & Retreat Facilitator

I believe that the health of the body and mind are deeply connected. In 2010, I opened Manly Massage Therapy in the Northern Beaches of Sydney.