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Family Mindfulness and Meditation “Being a Tree”

Join me and my family for a mindfulness practice "Being a tree". Envision your roots deep in the earth nurturing and nourishing you and reach your branches out to the support of your family. A simple way to start the day from a place of mindfulness and connection....

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Living in Joy & A Guided Visualisation

Living in Joy I love this photo of my son Hudson last year in Bali. To me this is the full body expression of joy. No-one taught it to him, he didn't have to practice it, he just is full joy. Joy and happiness is our birth rite but we get talked out of it by a society...

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How to bring Ritual into everyday life.

I had the privilege last weekend of studying with two powerful shamans from South America. My biggest take home was the importance of including ritual in our everyday life. When we do this it slows us down and allows us to connect within and tune into our internal...

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A 15 minute Guided Visualisation

I was at the beach early this morning to witness the sunrise on the first day of Autumn. I'm a summer lover, so for me the arrival of Autumn does bring a pang of loss for those long hot days. But then I'm reminded that Autumn is all about letting go. So I soften my...

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