I had the privilege last weekend of studying with two powerful shamans from South America. My biggest take home was the importance of including ritual in our everyday life.

When we do this it slows us down and allows us to connect within and tune into our internal wisdom. It also deepens our connection with the cycles of nature and builds a sense of gratitude for all we have.

One way to bring ritual into your life is to create a designated space in your home for an altar. Make it really beautiful, decorate it with your favourite things, perhaps some crystals and some of the elements, water, fire (a candle), earth (a plant or flowers), air (your intention or some feathers). This could be the place where you do your meditation or where you take time each day to light a candle, say your intention for the day and feel grateful for all you have.


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Come and have a delicious ginger compress massage, bliss out to guided visualisation and music and then have some nourishing healthy dinner.
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