The morning sun streams through my window, I open my eyes to greet the day and my mind wanders to my to-do list, a wave of anxiety washes over me. I’ve so much to do today and not enough hours to do it in. That feeling of being overwhelmed floods my body. I close my eyes and wish I could go back to sleep and escape it all…

…does this sound familiar?

For years this is how I started my day. Always wishing I had more time. This feeling would then hijack many precious hours of my day as I began a cycle of worrying about what I had to do rather than doing what I had to do.

How did I combat this feeling of being overwhelmed? I changed my thinking and that changed my day. I now start my day in the following way…

My morning ritual to relieve overwhelm and create more time in my day:

  •  Before I open my eyes I take three deep breaths and feel grateful for being given the gift of another day.
  • I say to myself “I have enough hours in the day to achieve everything I need to achieve today”.
  • I think about what I can contribute to the day as well as what I can get from the day.
  • I see the day as a fresh start; “Today is an opportunity to be the very best version of myself possible”.
  • I feel excited about all I can be and do today “Today is the best day of my life.”
  • Then I take 5 minutes to walk through my day and visualise everything I want to happen. I see myself eating well, exercising, getting the jobs on my to-do list done, having functional, effective conversations with people in my life. Sometimes my mind wanders off with this exercise so I try not to get bogged down in the detail but rather feel the feelings of accomplishing all I want to achieve.
  • I finish this awesome morning routine with a 5-30 minute meditation.
  • Making the choice to get up half an hour earlier to do this routine creates more hours and more energy in my day.

WARNING: this routine will change your life!!

I can’t tell you how much this simple routine has positively affected my life. Does this mean I never feel overwhelmed? Of course not. I still sometimes fall into feelings of anxiety about my to do list, but at least now I have tools to combat the feeling of being overwhelmed. Starting my day from a place of gratitude and excitement rather than overwhelm and anxiety has meant I get more done in my day.

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When I had my son, Hudson, 5 months ago this practice saved me from dropping into a funk that is common with a lot of first time mums. Having a child is a game changer, it can exacerbate that feeling of not having enough hours in the day and make you feel like there’s not enough of you to spread around. Having this morning ritual has been a huge blessing. Yes it’s had to change slightly…I now do my meditation while I’m breastfeeding Hudson and I verbalise my gratitude in a game with Hudson…we greet the sun and say “Thank you sun for shining on my day” “Thank you sky, thank you ocean, thank you birds for singing me songs.” “Thank you for the time we have together.”

I carry this gratitude with me into the day and my days now feel like they’re hours longer. I hope that this may help you create more time in your day to be the best version of you and Live the Life you Love.

I’d love to hear how you go with trying this routine.


Marie xxx