Special Celebrations


Are you looking for a dynamic teacher to inspire the crowds at your next festival?

In 2014 I had the opportunity to teach 3 classes at Woodford Folk Festival in front of crowds of up to 200 people. It was an amazing experience to connect with a group so large and to truly inspire and bring love, laughter and joy into their festival experience.

The classes were well received and I was asked back the following year but had to decline as I was traveling in Peru.

The Woodford Festival classes were well recieved
Group yoga classes at the Woodford Festival

Do you want to bring in a unique element to your special day? Would ceremony and ritual add something more to your celebration?

I love to come and make your special day all that more special by bringing meaning through yoga, connection, and ceremony. My travels to countries like India, Bali, Peru and Mexico have taught me so much about the importance of bringing gratitude, ritual and ceremony to life events.

I’ve had the honor of being part of people’s wedding days, hens weekends, anniversaries and more. I can design a session for you and your partner or friends that will help to bring more meaning into your special celebration. These sessions bring an added sense of fun, connection and deep love into your special day.

  • Hens Weekend
  • Baby Shower
  • Wedding Day
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary