Reconnect With Your Inner Compass

A Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat for Clarity, Purpose and Power

North Coast of Bali, 21-27 August 2017

Longing for time and space to gain clarity on your direction in life?

Ready to muster the confidence and courage to follow your life’s dream?

Then join us on a retreat to manifest your greatest desires!

Lying on a sun lounger with a freshly picked coconut in one hand and an inspiring read in the other. You’re being rocked into a state of calm and bliss by the sound of the waves making music with the pebbles on the unique volcanic beach. You’ve entered a place where you’re nurtured and nourished and your every need is taken care of. No ‘to do lists’, no demands… just 100% YOU time.


Before diving into the crystal clear waters of the ocean you stretch your arms to the sky revelling in the fact that your body feels lighter and freer than it has in years due to the daily yoga, massage and relaxation. Your body breaks through the surface of the ocean and you dive down deep enjoying the sense of weightlessness and are mesmerised by the hundreds of colourful fish and coral.

The sound of local children laughing and the sweet smell of incense and fragrant rice wafts on the gentle ocean breeze. Your mouth starts to water as you smell the tropical fruits and pancakes being cooked for your breakfast.

The brightly coloured offerings scattered throughout the resort add to the explosion of colourful flowers that surround you. The daily ceremony and ritual weaved into every day life strikes a chord deep within you, allowing you to slow down and take pleasure in the small things in life.

Yoga brings tranquility to the mind and body
Yoga is great for meditation
Lying on a sun lounger with a cool drink

Need some time and space to get clear on the direction of your life and dreams?

In Bali life moves at a different pace so you’ll find all the space you need to relax and get clarity. Our deep ‘Realising Your Dreams’ work will reconnect you with your hearts desires and design an exciting new direction for your life.

Wish you had more confidence to stand in your truth, speak up and share your ideas and dreams with others?

In a safe environment where you’ll be heard and respected, we’ll share a bounty of empowering ceremonies, tools and techniques with you; all of them designed to help you find your voice, reconnect you with your truth, and give you the confidence and strength to express and live your convictions.

Do you often feel disconnected from yourself and others, wishing you could relax and be more at ease and trust in the flow of life?

Enjoy daily yoga and meditation designed to give you practical tools for cultivating connection and mindfulness. Share the week with like-minded people, form deep connections and friendships that you can take home with you.


I came here to disconnect yet I’ve never felt more connected… to others, to nature and to myself. This retreat was more than I could have ever imagined. It was a truly wonderful experience that I will take with me forever.



By the end of this retreat you will have released old limitations, reconnected with your true self and your own inner compass and gained clarity on your life’s direction with all the confidence and courage you need to manifest your new life’s dream.

So why should you join us?

  • You know you deserve a whole week of being pampered and nourished with delicious healthy organic meals, daily yoga, massage and ocean swims.
  • You’re ready to get clarity on your direction and dreams and know this retreat will give you the time and space you need to inspire you to get the passion back into your life.
  • Spending a week relaxing in a tropical paradise will give you the much needed recharge you’re longing for.
  • Your physical and emotional health are important to you and you’d like to gain more flexibility in your body and mind.
  • You want to rekindle your zest for life and be re-inspired to follow your dreams!
Relax your mind

The Venue

Nestled in amongst tropical gardens with the ocean lapping at your doorstep, Villa Boreh is a place dreams are made of.

Feast your eyes on the lush green foliage of the resorts gardens. Be intoxicated by the smell of the frangipani and ylang ylang flowers. Feel the warm volcanic pebbles underfoot.

No traffic, no one demanding your time, the only noise is the sound of the ocean and the many birds including the hornbills that live in the garden.

Villa Boreh is your own private slice of paradise on the secluded North Coast of Bali. Away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist areas, this untouched part of Bali will reveal the authentic side of the Balinese lifestyle, culture and tradition.

The staff at Villa Boreh are like family and with an eagerness to help they go out of there way to make your Balinese experience amazing.

Spend every morning watching the sun rise over the shimmering sea lighting up the distant volcanoes of Lombok as we meditate. With sun loungers looking out to the ocean, day beds with muslin curtains blowing in the gentle sea breeze and 3 pools to choose from… relaxation is easy. The evenings are spent soaking up the spectacular rich sunsets while enjoying candlelit dinners.

Rooms at Villa Boreh are comfortable
Relax your mind

You have four incredibly unique room options to choose from. Most have outdoor bathrooms where you can shower under the stars…

  • Deluxe Private: Set amongst the tropical foliage or next to the 2nd pool this is your very own small villa with a large bedroom, king bed and huge outdoor bathroom. These rooms have air con.
  • Standard Private: Private rooms close to the yoga shala and set around a small plunge pool. Each room has a canopy queen bed and a large private outdoor bathroom. All rooms have air con.
  • Deluxe Twin: Traditional Balinese Lumbung that blends with its surroundings and brings you closer to nature. Share this two story bamboo house where each of you has your own bedroom and you share an outdoor bathroom. These rooms have fans and face the ocean and their big open sides provide great ocean breezes.
  • Standard Twin: Single level Balinese lumbung. These newly constructed beautiful rooms have a deck with lounge chairs. You share a room with two king single beds and an outdoor bathroom. These rooms have fans.

The Cuisine

Tantalise your taste buds with all the flavours of traditional Balinese cooking; fragrant rice, peanut sauce, chilli and coriander. Bite into the bright pink flesh of a juicy dragon fruit and enjoy the amazingly colourful and vibrant tropical fruits that make every meal feel like you’re eating a rainbow.

Villa Boreh has their own organic gardens so you’ll be eating the freshest and most delicious natural produce. Succulent fillets of fresh fish pulled straight from the ocean… to the BBQ… to your plate.

The meals are lovingly prepared by the staff and you can taste this in every nurturing and nourishing mouthful.

Want to get your tastebuds talking? Imagine biting into delicious fresh and fragrant rice paper rolls, mangostein salad, Jackfruit chicken sambal and vegetables cooked in banana leaves. And for desert… Balinese coconut pancake drizzled with local honey. Yum!

If you have special dietary needs – simply let us know and we’ll take care of it!

Balinese dancing will entrance you

Special Events

  • Daily yoga and workshops focused on cultivating mindfulness and gaining clarity, purpose and power.
  • A trip to a sacred waterfall where you can stand under its powerful waters and wash away old patterns and celebrate your new found zest for life.
  • Lose yourself in the creativity of making your own traditional Balinese offerings.
  • Be transfixed by the local children as they share their traditional Balinese dance with us.
  • Enjoy a Fire ceremony on the beach where you re- ignite the passion of your vision.
  • Come away with tools for manifestation and our top tips for achieving your dreams.
  • Daily sunrise meditation… Take home a meditation practice that you can easily integrate into your life.
  • Lush out with a complimentary 1 hour Balinese massage in the tranquil healing space set amongst the gardens and surrounded by flowing water.

Leave your shoes and your cares at the door…and step into a brand new YOU!


So what can you expect from 7 days in your slice of Bali Paradise?

What would it feel like to come away from a nourishing week of pampering feeling clearer on your life’s path, with the courage and strength to manifest your hearts desires?

What if this week inspired you so much that you made those changes you’ve been longing to make?

Imagine coming home with a renewed lust for life and a feeling so positive about what you can create for your life.

Let us support you through your journey of growth and transformation and help you rekindle your passion to follow your dreams.


A typical day in Bali Paradise…

Wake to the sound of the birds and the gentle waves tumbling on the pebbly beach. Then wander down to the waters edge to be inspired by the colourful sunrise before you enjoy a mindful meditation practice.

Then it’s off to a fun, dynamic and meaningful yoga class that will leave you feeling fabulous and ready for a delicious breakfast of tropical fruits, eggs, pancakes, toast and freshly squeezed juice.

The next few hours is yours to enjoy snorkeling the coral reef, swimming, kayaking, reading by the pool or perhaps pampering yourself with a healing massage.

After a blissful morning sit down to a relaxed nutritious lunch of fresh light salads, sweet and sour tofu, fish sate and rice paper rolls.

Enjoy some SCUBA diving between yoga classes
Practice yoga outdoors

After lunch take part in a workshop that will focus on giving your vision clarity, manifesting your dreams and re-wiring your brain.

In the afternoon is yours to enjoy again with more free time to relax and pamper yourself. Late afternoon we’ll gather together for a lush restorative yoga class that will rejuvenate and replenish.

Spend the sunset in reflection as you process the learnings of the day and feel bathed in light and gratitude.

Enjoy a tantalising 3 course candlelit meal overlooking the ocean surrounded by relaxed conversation, plenty of laughter and joy filled company.

After dinner our evenings are spent either watching a traditional dance performance by local children, in evening ceremony or being lulled into dreamland with our famous bed time stories that help you have the most amazing nights sleep.

What’s Included

  • 7 days and 6 nights’ accommodation at our own unique private luxury beachfront resort on the beautiful secluded north coast of Bali, complete with tropical gardens & 3 swimming pools.
  • All meals included. 6 Daily healthy & nutritious breakfast, 6 lunches & 6 candlelit dinners overlooking the ocean.
  • Daily yoga in the open air yoga shala with two inspiring teachers that create dynamic, fun practices that will invigorate, rejuvenate and increase physical and mental flexibility. Classes are suitable for everybody and include dynamic, restorative, yoga nidra & zenthai flow.
  • Ocean front sunrise meditation provides a chance for stillness and silence without the pressures of the daily grind.
  • Ceremony and ritual including a Fire ceremony and a visit to a sacred waterfall.
  • The local women will help you to make a traditional Balinese offering.
  • A complimentary 1 hour Balinese massage in a tranquil healing space set amongst the gardens and surrounded by flowing water.
  • Be mesmerized by a beautiful traditional Balinese dance performance by the local community.
  • The use of kayaks, catamaran & snorkelling equipment to explore the crystal clear waters and the beautiful coral reef that lies metres from your doorstep.
  • Transfers to & from Ubud to Villa Boreh (set times).
  • Your choice of deluxe or standard room, twin or private. All rooms have en suites and are a unique Balinese style set in peaceful garden surroundings.
  • Free wifi, unlimited filtered water & complimentary tea/coffee.
All meals are included

What’s Excluded

  • Round trip airfares.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Any additional spa treatments and food you order off the menu outside of meal times.
  • Optional activities; trekking, cooking class, SCUBA diving, temple visit, volcano climb, dolphin watching & any other activities not included in the itinerary.
  • All alcoholic beverages.

So much thought, passion and love went into creating this retreat. It was one of the most incredible and important experiences I have ever had… and one that I will never forget.



If you’re needing some time and space to find you again then this yoga retreat is a great way to begin to make changes in your life. Yoga twice a day, meet wonderful like-minded people, learn different teachings in meditation. Connect with yourself under ocean sunsets.



I went to Bali with an open mind… I came home with a cleansed soul; a full heart; strength; happiness and many wonderful like-minded friends



You helped me to find a person that I didn’t know existed inside me, with lots of love, care and attention… I loved the retreat!!!



From the first email you receive in the lead up to the retreat, you know the passion and organization that Marie and her team have put into this magical experience.

Hurry up and pack your bag, book your flight. This retreat is a must. Being the first male on Marie’s Bali Retreat I was not left feeling that I should not be here.

The warmth, love and friendship you come away with from this retreat will travel with you forever.

Beautiful place, Beautiful people. Just kick back and enjoy.


Your hosts

Marie McNamara

Marie McNamara

Retreat organiser and facilitator

My life’s motto is “Live the life you love… Love the life you live”. It’s a joy to share this lust for life in the retreats I run. However to get to this point I had to make some major changes in my life. It took breaking free from a destructive relationship and releasing my victimization mindset to finally embrace my life and fall in love with who I was.

In 2011 I bought a one-way ticket out into the world. I spent the next 12 months traveling in India, Africa and Europe, growing, learning and expanding. This travel changed me, I felt more alive than ever before, it helped me discover new places inside myself, and ignited a desire to explore.

I knew then that I wanted to lead retreats and conscious travel around the world. It lit a desire within me for everyone to experience this feeling of deep connection that you access when you step out of your routine and into the world.

Imagine a world where people reach out and connect, support and help one another.

I’ve run 11 retreats in Bali, Mexico and Australia in the past 5 years. I am continually humbled to be able to witness people’s personal transformation during these retreats.

My ultimate goal is to help people find the unique light within them and shine that light brightly in the world.

Bali is like a 2nd home to me, in the last six years I have visited none times, run eight retreats, and collectively spent over 9 months there. I love the Balinese way of life, it inspires me to slow down, be more mindful and create the space I need to allow my heart to sing.

Jenny Tuck

Jenny Tuck

Retreat Co-facilitator

Co-facilitating these retreats with Marie is such a joy for me. I get to share my passion for yoga and I love the connection and community that forms in these transformational retreats.

Community is very important to me and I’m involved with various environmental and charity projects. I love how, in these retreats, we weave this message of how self-care, sustainability, love and peace of mind can radiate out into the world.

I first visited Bali many years ago and it’s been a love affair since then. Being involved with running the retreats with Marie for the past four years has given me a greater insight into Balinese culture and I have a strong passion for this beautiful island and her gentle, spiritual people.

Liam Walsh

Liam Walsh

Retreat Facilitator

I think if I had to name just one reason why I do these retreats then it would be:

The satisfaction I get to watch people unwind & release years of tension and literally come out the other end of the retreat looking younger, happier and healthier.

It really has been an eye opener to witness the amazing transformation that comes from a week of healing, connection, community, yoga and relaxation.

Bali is such a beautiful teacher in the art of mindfulness and gratitude and it’s wonderful to be able to share this in our retreats. I feel honored to help create a space where people feel safe for inward exploration and transformation.

Join us on a retreat in beautiful Bali

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