Blossom Into Spring

A Day Retreat for Creativity and Inner Peace

Mission House, Bilgola Beach 9am-5pm September 24th, 2017

An inspiring spring day spent nurturing your creativity and fostering a sense of peace.

This retreat is a celebration of all the new growth around us as Mother Gaia awakens from her winter sleep. It’s held close to the time of the Spring Equinox and it will be a chance to nurture yourself as you connect with your creativity.

This day retreat will be an opportunity to identify what you wish to grow as you blossom into Spring. We will explore the three Spring “Monthly Mothers”. For September it’s Pele, October is Oshun and November is Tara. Find out how these Goddesses can help you find the jewel within.

This retreat is an opportunity to give back to yourself. A chance to spend a whole day looking after you!


Yoga brings tranquility to the mind and body
Lying on a sun lounger with a cool drink

Start the day with a fun and invigorating yoga class that will awaken your senses to the Spring energy, foster a sense of inner peace and help you gain clarity for your path ahead.

Be inspired by a creative workshop with Helen  based around the “International Day of Peace” (sept 21). Learn about the  Goddesses of Spring and how to harness your creative energy. Learn all about the colours destined from your birth to be able to create your very own peace flower.

Relax around a table full of easy conversation as you enjoy a seasonal feast for lunch. After lunch lounge in the garden beside the gentle stream and read a book or enjoy a refreshing ocean swim.

Enjoy two meditations to Invite Peace to Blossom Within. Then unwind in the late afternoon with a restorative yoga class where you can let the peace and creativity of the day soak in.

Come away from this day retreat with a feeling of inner peace. This day retreat is guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing and leave you feeling inspired and with a renewed lease on life.

So Why Come on this Day Retreat?

  • You desire peace in your life and on the planet.
  • You would love to spend the day exploring your creative energy.
  • You know you deserve a whole day of being pampered and nourished with yoga, meditation, visualisation and a delicious healthy organic lunch.
  • Spending a day relaxing in peaceful surroundings is the much needed recharge you’re longing for.
Relax your mind

The Venue

Set in a unique bush setting and only a minutes walk to Bilgola beach; beautiful Mission House is a tranquil oasis in one of the upper Northern Beaches most secluded and stunning beaches.

The simplicity of Mission House and it’s cosy, comfortable living areas makes it an easy place to relax for the day. Either nestled up in the light filled living room or enjoying the spacious grounds, there is always a quiet spot for some time out.

Sit by the stream and let the sound of the water wash away any worries.

Relax your mind

The Cuisine

Tantalise your taste buds with the delicious wholefood cooking of a caterer who will be providing us with an organic, seasonal lunch.

Spring is a time where nature is bursting with colour and new growth so you can expect the same with our meal today. Deliciously light, fresh and easily digested food to support the liver and gallbladder.

If you have special dietary needs – simply let us know and we’ll take care of it!

What’s Included

  • Two Yoga classes, a dynamic and a gentle practice, both designed to awaken your senses to the Spring Energy.
  • Be inspired by two creative workshops with Helen.  Learn about the Goddesses of Spring and how to harness your creative energy. Create your own personal Peace Flower. Learn the colours destined from the Day-Month-Year of your birth.
  • Be guided in two meditations to Invite Peace to Blossom Within.
  • A nutritious organic lunch made with seasonal ingredients.
  • Herbal tea, filtered water and healthy snacks for morning and afternoon tea.
  • The peaceful surroundings of Mission House, a home away from home, minutes from the beach.


$175 per person.

A whole day of pampering for less than the cost of a 90 minute facial!

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All meals are included

“I have been on three retreats with Marie. I love the warmth, love and nourishment these retreats provide. My body always feels strong and healthy and my soul nourished and my heart expanded after her retreats.”



Your hosts

Marie McNamara

Marie McNamara

Retreat organiser and facilitator

I am pleased to bring the creative energy and wisdom of Helen Black-McCahon to the series of Day Retreats I run from Mission House. I look forward to supporting her in this day of creativity and peace.

My life’s motto is “Live the life you love… Love the life you live”. It’s a joy to share this lust for life in the retreats I run. However to get to this point I had to make some major changes in my life. It took breaking free from a destructive relationship and releasing my victimization mindset to finally embrace my life and fall in love with who I was.

In 2011 I bought a one-way ticket out into the world. I spent the next 12 months traveling in India, Africa and Europe, growing, learning and expanding. This travel changed me, I felt more alive than ever before, it helped me discover new places inside myself, and ignited a desire to explore.

I knew then that I wanted to lead retreats and conscious travel around the world. It lit a desire within me for everyone to experience this feeling of deep connection that you access when you step out of your routine and into the world.

Imagine a world where people reach out and connect, support and help one another.

I’ve run 11 retreats in Bali, Mexico and Australia in the past 5 years. I am continually humbled to be able to witness people’s personal transformation during these retreats.

My ultimate goal is to help people find the unique light within them and shine that light brightly in the world.

Helen Black McCahon

Helen Black McCahon

Retreat Facilitator

I am Helen Black-McCahon, a primary teacher with 38 years experience. My passion is the creative arts.

My maternal grandmother was a Scottish tea-leaf & card reader, that nurtured the Divination arts in me. My life path led me to study ancient Divinations.

In the Spring Equinox in Sept 2004, I was attending a meditation, in a Spring flower-filled garden, to align with International Day of Peace. As we meditated in a circle, bare feet surrounded by fragrant freesias, bursting up through the grass,…  I “heard”,…or more “felt” the words,…

“Everyone is praying for Peace, but it will not Be found Without, unless it Blossoms Within”.

And I had the vision of the Peace Flower over the hearts of everyone in the Circle.

It is that experience that has inspired the creative experiences that will be shared under the Cabbage Palms of Mission House as the Spring energy bursts forth.

Igniting Inspirations..

from Within…

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