Our vision of connection and loving life comes out in the classes we offer. Encouraging students to connect with and shine out their fullest potential, our classes are taught from the heart.

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Yoga Classes

Our classes combine traditional Hatha style yoga with Japanese yoga, incorporating poses that work with the seasons, the elements and the energy channels (Meridians) in the body. Classes are suitable for everybody.


Kids classes are great for their health

Kids Classes

Our kids yoga classes are designed to give children the tools they need to navigate the world with a confident sense of self and a passion to shine.


Online yoga is coming soon

Online Yoga

Coming soon, by mid 2019 we hope to be online with yoga you can do at home, making it easier for you to build yoga into your daily life.


Be the best you can be

Yoga Mentoring

If you’re studying to be a yoga teacher and you’re craving some support then we’re here to help you navigate your way through the teacher training journey.


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Timetable & Pricing

We’d love to see you in class. Our classes are suitable for everybody. We give plenty of variations and encourage you to work with your body and at your pace.