Yoga Classes

Combining a lush mix of physical poses and emotional work in a safe and nurturing environment, students are supported to let go of tension and replace it with a feeling of expansion and freedom. We offer group classes and private classes.

Group Classes

Do you want more flexibility and strength but don’t know where to start? Does your mind race a million miles and you’d love to slow it down?

Come along and enjoy a nourishing yoga practice in a safe space and be guided to move deeper into your body and mind and release any held tension.

  • Classes are generally between 6 – 16 people
  • Please bring your own mat (if you don’t own one we have spares)


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About our Group Classes

General Class

A more dynamic practice that incorporates work with the season and weaves into it an elemental flow of poses.

We offer many pose variations so these classes are suitable for everybody.

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Restorative Lush Out

A gentle nurturing practice that leaves you feeling like you’ve just walked out of a pamper session at a day spa!!

These classes give you permission to slow down, hold poses and allowing time for the body to restore and re-energise.

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Moonlit Meditation and Dream Journey

Held on the last Thursday of every month at Bilgola Surf Club. Meditation under the moon followed by a delicious Guided Visualisation that does wonders to calm the nervous system and replenish the body and mind.

Private Classes

Do you want to take your practice to a new level both physically and mentally? Are you feeling stuck in your body and in your thinking?

We can help you achieve the goals you have in your yoga practice and in your life by giving you personalised attention through a one on one session.

Would you love to have a yoga class designed just for you and your body?

We put a lot of time and energy into creating the practice that’s catered to your needs.

Do you have questions that arise during your group classes that you’d love to have an opportunity to address?

During these private sessions we can address your questions about postures and alignment.

Are you new to yoga and anxious about joining in a group class?

That’s completely understandable. Why don’t you help put those discomforts at ease by having a one on one session before you join the group classes.