Yoga Mentoring

Are you studying to be a Yoga teacher and feeling overwhelmed with all there is to learn?

Has learning hundreds of poses, Sanskrit names and sequencing got you feeling like your head is spinning?

Take a deep breath… it’s all okay and we’re here to help you. Mentoring sessions can help you navigate your way through the journey to becoming a teacher.

What you Get

I have over 7 years experience as a teacher, that combined with 40 years life experience can be a huge help when you’re starting out, trying to find your feet and get your head around all there is to learn.

“I genuinely care about you and believe in you. I want you to be the best teacher you can be.”

We’ll start with a Private 75 min Yoga & Coaching Session (Value $115). This will give you an opportunity to get clear on your intentions for the sessions and for your teaching. It’s also a chance to ask questions about poses, get help with alignment, adjustments and any other questions you have.

You will be able to attend any of my weekly yoga classes for free (up to 3 classes a week for 8 weeks Value up to $528). After these classes there’s an opportunity to ask any questions that may have arisen during the class.

I will check in with you once a week to see how you’re going and answer any questions you have. These check in’s will take the format of 8 weekly half hour coaching phone calls (Value $360).

From week 4-8 you get the opportunity to practice adjusting students in my classes as well as teaching small segments of the class.

This package also includes:

  • Lesson Plans to follow,
  • lifestyle tips,
  • information on seasonal yoga,
  • the meridians and
  • much more.


8 week program

(value $1000)

costs just $675

I feel Grateful and Blessed to have Marie as my mentor for the last 2 years. Marie has been so kind and generous with sharing her wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experiences with me. She has guided me with lots of love and compassion and has empowered me to be the best I can be.

I have loved working together with Marie and value her as both my teacher and friend.